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Sunil Gavaskar Claims, ‘I Can Return Virat Kohli’s Form In 20 Minutes’

Virat Kohli is the greatest superstar of Indian cricket. But the actor has been unable to recover from his bad form for some time. Many stars have come out to support and criticize Virat.

Today’s Virat is just a shadow of the confident Virat of past years. Virat rested in the West Indies series. Everyone hopes that the player will return to form after that rest.

Virat scored 33 runs from two matches in the England ODI series that ended yesterday. He had a poor performance in the Twenty20 tour as well.

Sunil Gavaskar Claims, 'I Can Return Virat Kohli's Form In 20 Minutes'

Virat is constantly getting out on balls outside the off-stump. Former legendary batsman and cricket commentator Sunil Gavaskar said he could help him with that limitation.

Gavaskar says he can help Virat if he talks to him for twenty minutes. Gavaskar said he was an opening batsman and understood Virat’s problems outside the off-stump.

“If I can talk to him for about 20 minutes, I can tell him what to do. It might help him. I’m not saying it will help him completely, but it can, especially regarding the off-stump line. As an opening batsman, I was also worried about that line, so some things are trying to overcome. If I get 20 minutes with Virat, I might be able to tell,’ Gavaskar.

Batters make a common mistake trying to score runs with every bowl they bowl. Gavaskar added that it is the same with Virat; he plays better shots but gets out the same way.

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“His first mistake is still the same. He is anxious to play the shot with every delivery as he does not score runs because that is what the batters feel. Look to play deliveries that you can score or not play at all,’ Gavaskar said.

Gavaskar says Virat is a legend and will return to form soon. Virat is a player who has consistently performed well in the team over the years. He also opined that he should be given time to come back after scoring 70 centuries in all formats.


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