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Rishabh Pant Cheated Of More Than Rs 1.5 Crores By Haryana Cricketer Mrinank Singh

Rishabh Pant shows a lot of great game inside the field. But these days, Rishabh Pant is facing a lot of problems. Recently, his IPL team Delhi Capitals, was out of the race for the playoffs, due to which he was very disappointed.

But now, a new case of cheating has come to light with Rishabh Pant. According to recent reports, a Haryana cricketer cheated Rishabh and robbed him of Rs 1.5 crore.

I want to tell you that this cricketer from Haryana is none other than Mrinank Singh. Currently, Mrinank Singh is in police custody. According to the latest reports, Rishabh lodged a cheating case with his manager Puneet Solanki. Due to this, a Delhi court had sent a notice to Arthur Road Jail to produce Mrinank Singh.

Rishabh Pant Was Cheated Of 1.5 Crores, The Conspiracy Of This Haryana Cricketer Was Arrested

Let me tell you that Mrinank lured a business person into his talk and tempted him to get expensive vehicles and phones, after which Mrinank Singh carried out this incident in the middle. However, Mrinank has now been arrested.

Although Mrinank cheated with that businessman, everything was fine until then, but when Mrinank did the same thing with Rishabh again, Rishabh filed a report against it. Due to this, Mrinank is currently the subject of discussion.

In this case, Pant’s manager told that he had to face fraud of Rs 1 crore 63 lakh in February last year through a bounced check. In the complaint made by Pant in January 2021, Mrinak told Pant and Solanki that he had started a new business of buying and selling luxury watches, bags, and jewelry.

Mrinank told many players’ names in front of Rishabh and Solanki and said he had sold all these items to them.

After this, he falsely consoled Pant and Solanki, saying that this deal was too cheap. He can give them expensive watches, bags, and jewelry by bringing them at low prices. Due to this, Pant and Solanki believed his words. However, Rishabh Pant has lodged an FIR in this case, and Mrinak has also been arrested.


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