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Asia Cup: Indian Husband vs Pakistani Wife; The Cute Video Went Viral On Social Media

We all know that the match between India and Pakistan kept the cricket fans on edge till the last over. India won through Hardik Pandya’s all-rounding performance. An interesting interview of a couple outside the stadium after the India-Pakistan match is going viral on social media.

The peculiarity of this couple is that the husband is Indian and the wife is Pakistani. The husband came to the ground wearing the Indian team jersey and the wife wearing the Pakistan team jersey. Both gave an interview to a YouTube channel after the match that video went viral on social media.

When asked if she congratulated her husband when India won, the wife laughed and said, “I never do that,” to which the husband replied, “you know women’s minds are very small,” and the husband said, “I don’t care if the wife doesn’t congratulate him and God help her next time.”

When asked why Pakistan lost, his wife said, “Pakistan had to face defeat due to poor batting”, and his wife clarified that there was a lot of disappointment in the defeat and that, while we are together in everything else, when India and Pakistan match, we are in two slums. The husband stated that he was confident that “India would win under Rohit and that India would undoubtedly win if another India-Pakistan match occurred during the tournament”.

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At the same time, the fans are waiting for another India-Pakistan match in the next round of the Asia Cup Super Four. If India and Pakistan win the Hong Kong match, they will play the match on September 4. We can expect another exciting match as Pakistan, still reeling from their defeat, and India looks to repeat their victory.


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