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WATCH: A Fan Crossed The Eden Gardens Fence To Meet Virat Kohli

On Wednesday, 25 May, a tremendous Eliminator match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore at Kolkata Eden Gardens was being played fascinatingly. But, at the end of this match, such an incident happened that saw Virat laugh, as well as everyone present on the field was surprised.

When this match was being played, a person broke the field’s boundary at the last minute of the match and came in who was going directly to Virat Kohli.

However, immediately the security guards came inside and took the young man out from the ground by lifting him on his shoulder. This incident is of that time when this match between the two teams was only for a short time. By that time, the victory of this match was going to be in the name of RCB. At the same time, this young man forcibly entered the field.

Friends, perhaps this person can be a fan of Virat Kohli because the way this person came in and ran straight to Virat after crossing the boundary appears that way.

WATCH - A Fan Crossed The Eden Gardens Fence To Meet Virat Kohli

However, before reaching Virat, the person was taken out by the police security guard on his shoulder. And even while sitting on his shoulder, this young man was waving his hand just by looking at Virat.

Friends, when this young man came inside, the security guard came to him, then he shook his hand and tried to say something to him with folded hands, but he said something, the policeman lifted him in the shoulder and threw him out straight.

Let me tell you, the way this incident happened, Virat Kohli’s laugh was not stopping after this, and he later imitated the policeman who took this person out of the field. It was a hilarious moment in the middle of the match.

This incident was so funny that Virat could not stop his laughter. Many people present in the field made a video of this incident and shared it on social media, and now this video is creating panic on social media. Everyone enjoyed this moment in the middle of the match. And most of all, Virat Kohli was seen enjoying it.

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